Shipping and Delivery

Standard Delivery Times
We offer free standard shipping on the majority of our products and this takes 5-15 business days. Express shipping is also available for a small additional fee and it takes 3-5 business days. 

Once you have made your order you will receive an email with tracking information. This email is only sent once the item has physically left the warehouse. The item may not be dispatched until very late in the delivery period, for example we may dispatch the item on the 13th day and you will receive it on the 15th business day. If you haven't received your tracking information yet, but your order is still within the promised delivery period, please be patient for the order to be dispatched.

We process many orders everyday, and aim to deliver orders as quickly as possible. However sometimes unavoidable delays may occur, especially due to covid-19. If your order has passed the promised delivery period and you have either received tracking information, but not the item, or if you haven't received the tracking information at all, please contact us via the contact form on our 'contact us' page, select 'Question About Your Order' and submit your inquiry and we will follow up on the whereabouts.

Some delays may be unavoidable such as those caused by government lockdowns or an increased demand on the postal service, in such cases we ask you to kindly wait a little longer for the order to be delivered.

Same day delivery is not available for our store at the moment.

Christmas Delivery Times
For all orders intended to be received by Christmas day, please make sure you place your order on or before 27th of November. Due to higher postal demand during Christmas delays in shipping are often experienced, therefore ordering earlier rather than later is recommended.

Pick-up of Orders
Currently we do not have the ability to allow instore pick-ups, as our goods are all stocked in a warehouse that is off bounds without the proper safety gear. The exception to this is large lamps above 20kg which may be picked up from our Melbourne warehouse in Oakleigh South (for more details, kindly get in touch with us).