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  • Large Himalayan Salt Lamps... What You Need to Know!

    An extra large Himalayan salt lamp not only acts as a fantastic piece of home decor, but can provide numerous benefits ranging from a relaxing home ambience to purifying the air in the surrounding area. These rock salt lamps can get BIG. And heavy. Salt lamps that are 100kg are considered as 'gia... View Post
  • Salt Pipe Inhalers - 2019 Complete Guide

    Written by the salt lamps australia team What is a salt inhaler? A Himalayan salt inhaler is a unique device. In short, it’s an inhaler that can be used to treat many respiratory illnesses. The basics of how it works are simple, there’s a chamber at the bottom which contains salt crystals, and be... View Post
  • Himalayan Salt Lamps - Do They Really Work?

    The very first thing that strikes you about natural Himalayan salt lamps is the beautiful pinkish orange light they give off. There’s no doubt that they really are a great piece of home décor, that alone is reason enough to have one, but is that all there is to it? Well… no. Pink salt lamps are a... View Post
  • Why is my salt lamp leaking water?

    Written by the salt lamps team You may be the unsuspecting victim of a “crying” salt lamp. If you’ve noticed water collecting on your lamp either on the surface or at the base, fear not, there’s nothing wrong with your lamp. Lamp crying, also known as “leaking”, “sweating”, “weeping” or “melting”... View Post
  • Salt Lamp Benefits for Your Skin

    Did you know that Himalayan rock salt lamps can help relieve skin conditions and positively improve your skin health? It’s one of the lesser known facts about crystal salt lamps. The magic of Himalayan salt lamps lies in the salt itself. Himalayan pink salt is a natural antibacterial and anti-inf... View Post
  • The Sleep Benefits of Salt Lamps

    When it comes to the health benefits of salt lamps you’ve probably heard it all by now, but did you know that salt lamps can improve your sleep? That’s right, crystal salt lamps are great for getting a good night’s sleep. Every night millions of helpless souls toss and turn in their beds unable t... View Post
  • Salt Lamps for Allergies

    Himalayan salt lamps are more than just pretty rock ornaments to be kept in the corner of your room. One of the many benefits of Himalayan salt lamps is that they can help prevent and reduce symptoms of allergies. So, if you have any allergic reactions, this might be just the article you’re looki... View Post
  • Salt Lamps for Asthma

    There's many health benefits of salt lamps. One of the most important is it's relation to breathing. Can you use Himalayan salt lamps for Asthma? Himalayan salt lamps and Asthma are a match made in heaven. A salt lamp is perhaps the perfect (and maybe the only) home décor item that can actually h... View Post