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  • Ethically sourced. Paying fair wages to Himalayan salt workers.
  • Authentic and high quality. Hand crafted by the most experienced craftsmen.
Salt Lamp Benefits for Your Skin

Salt Lamp Benefits for Your Skin

Did you know that Himalayan rock salt lamps can help relieve skin conditions and positively improve your skin health? It’s one of the lesser known facts about crystal salt lamps. The magic of Himalayan salt lamps lies in the salt itself. Himalayan pink salt is a natural antibacterial and anti-inflammatory substance. Though there are numerous health benefits of salt lamps, this one is less often mentioned, but no less important.

Bacteria is the main cause behind many skin conditions and problems. Let’s take a skin condition we’ve all encountered at one point or another in our lives. It’s a skin condition that’s probably caused more embarrassment in our teenage years and affected more people’s self-esteem negatively than any other factor, you guessed it, Acne.

Acne is caused by a bacterium that lives deep in your skin’s pores, away from the surface. Here, the bacteria use your skin’s natural oils and secretions as energy to multiply. This causes that all to familiar unwanted pus and red swelling. Himalayan salt combats this bacterium and removes it from your system, rebalancing and revitalizing your skin back to a clean, healthy and smooth appearance..

How does Himalayan salt kill Acne-causing bacteria? It’s a nifty trick of nature. The salt ions enter the bacteria and bring with them, A LOT of water, overtime the bacteria get bigger and bigger like a balloon, until they burst and die. It’s natures antibiotic, a natural skin detoxifier. Pretty amazing right?

But so far, we’ve only talked about skin benefits from using Himalayan salt directly on your skin, like you might in salt scrubs or a Himalayan soap bar. But are Himalayan salt lamps ALSO good for your skin? Well, yes and no. If you want the maximum benefits of Himalayan salt for your skin then it’s better to opt for a topical salt cream or soap. However, Himalayan salt lamps can still impact your skin positively through indirect means.

Some skin conditions like eczema are caused or irritated by pollen and dust particles in the air and this is one thing your salt lamp is excellent at taking care of. If you keep two or three salt lamps in a room and keep them on, they are going to remove this “air debris” and your skin will be protected from flaring-up or having a strong allergic reaction that you might get from standard contaminated air.

The national eczema association did a study on this and had great results with using salt to treat eczema and psoriasis. The key though, was that the salt had to be mineral rich and Himalayan salt is the most mineral rich salt there is with 84 trace minerals, making it the perfect ingredient for use in skin care products. 

Secondly, whether you notice it or not, having a salt lamp in your room will increase the particles of dry salt in the air. This dry salt, when it lands on your skin, will have the same antibacterial and cleansing effect as a salt scrub or soap. However, to really benefit from this we recommend you have multiple lamps to cover a larger area of your room. This is necessary because one lamp is often not enough for one room. We recommend you take a look at our how to use Himalayan salt lamps article to get an idea of which lamp is best for you.

As always, to get the maximum benefit and rejuvenation from your lamp you will need to place it right next to a place you commonly occupy, think 'bedside table' or 'study desk'. This helps because the negative ions emitted by salt lamps are highest in concentration closer to the lamp, and it’s these ions that enter the pores of your skin and work their regenerative magic. So the closer you sit, the better.

Hope you enjoyed this read and if you want to learn more about pink salt and salt lamps visit our blog.

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