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  • Ethically sourced. Paying fair wages to Himalayan salt workers.
  • Authentic and high quality. Hand crafted by the most experienced craftsmen.
Best Salt Lamp Sizes for Your Bedroom

Best Salt Lamp Sizes for Your Bedroom

Whether big or small, a Himalayan salt lamp can slowly change the atmosphere of a room while providing a variety of health benefits.


But does the size of a salt lamp really make a difference? And if so, what size is best?

To answer that question, we first need to understand that salt lamps cleanse the air by the action of drawing moisture out of the air, which brings along with it all of the pollution.

To do this effectively, a salt lamp should be sized in proportion to the room around it. Although size isn't the only factor in getting the most out of your lamp, it's the main factor, and the focus of this article.

However we do recommend you also read our article how to use a salt lamp in order to learn more on how to best use your lamp.


What Size Salt Lamp Do I Need For My Bedroom?

Size Matters

The size of the salt crystal directly affects the effectiveness of the lamp. Generally speaking, the larger the lamp, the more radiant it is, and the more negative ions it produces, and the more water it draws in.Therefore choosing a salt lamp big enough for the room around it, is essential.

For rooms that measure 3 by 3 (smaller sized room) meters in size, a salt lamp of around 2 to 3kg is recommended. For a larger room of 4 by 4 meters (average room), the ideal weight of the lamp should be around 5kg.

And so it goes, the larger your room the larger the lamp. Massive spaces such as 10 by 10 meters living rooms, lounges or waiting rooms need a huge salt lamp that weights between 18-100kg to be effective.

If you want to get a salt lamp for a yoga studio, or a corporate office or other open setting. We highly recommend you get a salt lamp that is 40kg+ they are relatively more expensive but they look phenomenal, they're quiet rare to come by and impressive, and they light up wonderfully, in a way totally unlike smaller lamps. Most of all their benefits are proportionately increased and they can work in larger open environments.

With a giant salt lamp that is 40kg+ you are really taking a piece of the HImalayas with you, it's organic look is unlike other decor items so it's definitely something we recommend you try!

But If your room doesn’t fall in the above measurements, and is not quiet a large open space either, a good rule to follow is: Add a kilogram of lamp for every 5 square meters of room space. 

Here's a quick chart, room size on the left, lamp weight needed on the right.

Minimum recommended lamp size!
3m x 3m - 3kg
5m x 5m - 5kg
6m x 6m - 7kg
7m x 7m - 10kg

Two or more smaller lamps can not only compensate for a large lamp, but are even MORE effective if strategically placed around a room.


Another factor to consider when choosing the best size of a Himalayan salt lamp is the illumination. A 5kg to 7kg lamp can cover around 4 to 5 meters radius, and provide ample lighting for most bedrooms.

Our lamps above 7kg come with stronger 25 watt bulb so if you want to keep your lamp in a lounge or other large room, get a salt lamp that is above 7kg.

Our lamps that are 40kg and above, come with TWO whooping 60-watt bulbs. That's right, to heat the lamp sufficiently requires much more power when entering the giant size lamps, so we use two bulbs in each lamp. So these can light up a very large area, and they light up in a way unlike any other lamp!

We would not recommend giant lamps for pet or baby rooms though, just for large areas and big rooms.

Can A Salt Lamp Be TOO Big?

There really is no negative side effects to using a large salt lamp for a smaller room. In fact, it can thoroughly cleanse the air in your room - far more efficiently than a smaller lamp - and provide respiratory benefits.

Quality Himalayan salt lamps that weigh 5kg or more are often difficult to find. You should really read Our Lamps article where we explain how people get stuck with low quality inauthentic salt lamps, which are all over the place. And what you can do about it! 

As the saying goes, you get what you pay for! A true authentic Himalayan salt lamp will cost a bit more than what you find on the supermarket shelf. The reason is that getting quality salt and proper crafting takes more time and energy! 

Pro Tip: If you can’t find a large salt lamp for your room, an even better option is to buy a few smaller ones to reap the same benefits. 

Mini Salt Lamps - Adorable

As large Himalayan lamps can be expensive, a mini salt lamp can be a great substitute for both smaller rooms and budgets. Powered by a mini USB, the lamp gives off a soft and warm glow.

The downside it that this small salt lamp will not produce enough heat or energy to have any affect, but it does look rather adorable none the less!

Like larger salt lamps, this mini salt lamps are hand-carved from raw chunks of salt crystals. They’re light, portable, and easily cleaned – simply wipe it with a slightly damp cloth.

The smallest can weigh only 500 grams and measure upto 10 centimetres tall. The heaviest USB salt lamps can get to around 1kg in weight.

Usb salt lamps also make GREAT night lights and are a much more natural alternative to led lamps and night lights.

Whatever the Size, Buy Quality

When choosing a Himalayan salt lamp for your room, be sure to plan your purchase carefully and choose the best size for you.

Proportion is key. Know the size of your room and find the most fitting salt lamp for it. While saying this, remember that large lamps aren’t always better than small lamps.

A genuine mini USB salt lamps will provide countless more advantages than a large fake salt lamp.

You can browse our range of pink salt lamps to see more.

Hope you enjoyed this read!

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