Himalayan Salt Lamps Sunshine Coast

The Salt Lamp Shop delivers authentic, high quality Himalayan salt lamps to homes across the Sunshine Coast. Not all rock salt lamps are made equal, we take great pride and care in sourcing and crafting every one of our pink salt lamps. The salt we use is hand-picked from an ‘off the track’, pristine Himalayan salt mine. Unlike the low quality, cracked and impure pink salt that is mined from large over-mined mines for mass export (which is what most retailers sell).

To learn more about our original, authentic salt lamps read more about our sourcing and crafting on Our Lamps page.

Wanting to buy a rock salt lamp? We offer free delivery Australia wide (including homes across the Sunshine Coast) and if you need your salt lamp extra quick for an upcoming special event, express fast delivery is only $3.50 extra per lamp.

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